We Will Rock You – 27/03/2013

This was my last day in London, and what better way to spend it than at The Dominion? Lucy had decided that it was better and cheaper to get tickets on the day, so that meant getting to the theatre for 9:45am. I was seriously tired. We managed to get B29 – B31 (Lucy’s friend Kimmi would be coming with us too) and settled down in the Starbucks around the corner. We now had four hours to kill. Kimmi arrived at around 11.30am and we all sat and chatted about the theatre (what else?) until the cast members starting arriving. It was then time to play “Spot the Bohemian.” The winner would be the first one to spot Oliver Tompsett, however the real question was, hat or no hat? We’d all met Oli before and all had pictures with him, but we agreed that our favourites were the ones without his favourite cap. As Rachael Wooding, Katie Paine, John McLarnon and many more walked past, the game got intense. Finally, Kimmi spotted Oliver. We all looked around… “HAT!”

As we walked into the theatre we had a look at the cast board – it was a cracker! Olly and Rachael as Galileo and Scaramouche, Alasdair Harvey as Khashoggi, John McLarnon as Pop instead of Kevin Kennedy, which meant that Mark Dugdale would be Rebel Leader in John’s place. Brit would be played by Ross Aldred, and the best cover by a mile – Katie Paine would be playing Killer Queen. She. Is. Spectacular. We took our seats in the stalls and, as they announced the cast changes before the show, we gave each cover a huge cheer. Before the show, Lucy had tweeted Oliver saying she was looking forward to his dancing, and he thought she was taking the mick. Honestly, he’s a good dancer! It had then snowballed on twitter and everyone had joined in, all commenting on his dancing skills. Whoops! Naturally, as soon as he started dancing, which just had to be right in front of us didn’t it, we all started laughing. He glanced at us and gave us a look, but I’m sure he knew we were only winding him up. We gave him a massive cheer just to show our appreciation.  I’d only ever seen Kevin Kennedy as Pop, but John McLarnon blows him out of the water. He’s so funny and his voice is amazing! It was really good to see a different take on the character. As Katie came onstage we gave her a huge cheer too and I swear she winked at us. What a babe! Ross is secretly my favourite Brit, he’s a lot less serious than the first Brit I saw, and what a body. Seriously, his muscles are huge.

We made lots of noise throughout the show, (the people in front of us didn’t come back for the second half) and at the end we outdid ourselves. During “We Are the Champions” right before the big note at the end, Oliver takes a big dramatic pause and looks over the audience. Usually, it’s totally silent, as people wait with baited breath for him to belt out the final note. Unluckily for Oliver, we were there. The theatre was perfectly silent until… “WOOO!” we all started screaming at him. That totally broke his concentration and he started to smile, before finally finishing the song. We all looked at eachother – he’s going to kill us! Ah well.

After screaming standing ovations for every single cast member, and some evil looks from members of the audience, we headed to the stage door. Oliver was first out, of course, and I gave him the jelly beans I’d bought him the day before. We all had a hug and I had a picture with him – he really does make me look like a dwarf – and then he went off to talk to some other people who were waiting. Rachael was next out, asking us why she thought it was a good idea to go out for a drink last night when she had two shows today. She’d got the mini-eggs I gave Katie to give her on Monday and seemed really happy with them. It’s chocolate after all – who wouldn’t be?! John McLarnon and Katie Paine came out at the same time, so I decided to catch Katie whilst John was talking to Lucy. I got another big hug from Katie and she said she’d heard us cheering Oliver’s dancing and thought it was hilarious. She went off to meet some friends for lunch and I went to talk to John, to tell him how brilliant he was as Pop. Oliver was still behind us, answering questions. It wasn’t until the people had left that he realised he had given them the wrong answers. They’d asked if Brian May was making a guest appearance tonight and Oliver said yes he was, unfortunately he neglected to tell them that Brian would be in Nottingham, not London, and so they went off to buy tickets for the evening performance. When he had realised his mistake he took off down the street after them and I had a brilliant mental image of Olly bursting into the box office after them shouting “don’t buy tickets!” Priceless. The remaining cast members said their goodbyes and I made my way back to the station. Ugh, back to Manchester.




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