Let it Be / Jersey Boys 05/05/2013

I’d originally booked Let it Be with my friend Mel but, because I didn’t realise it was a bank holiday (duh) it turned out to be pretty expensive so I ended up going with my Mum instead. I’d been to my 10th Rock of Ages show the night before (I’m not going to blog it – all the shows blend in to one after a while and I’m not sure what happened!) The show was at The Savoy – my unlucky theatre. The last show I saw there was Legally Blonde (my auntie’s choice not mine) and, seeing as I’m not the squeaky glittery “oh my god you guys!” kind of girl, I absolutely hated it. There was no way this show would go the same way. Right?

So so wrong. The stage looked really promising – there were old TV sets playing different adverts from the 60s and they played classic 60s music in the background. I was the youngest by a good 30 years and I did get the odd questioning look but hey, I like The Beatles, that’s why I’m here. As the curtain came up and the four men portraying The Beatles came on, I was initially very impressed. They looked the part, they were all playing their own instruments and they sounded really good together. Then they played another song… and another… and another. Finally one of them piped up “how are we all doing tonight!” in the worst Scouse accent I have ever heard in my life. He also did a really weird hopping dance and you just felt sorry for him because absolutely nobody responded. After another three songs, they went off for a quick costume change, came back, and performed yet more songs. Don’t get me wrong I love The Beatles but when you’re battered by song after song after song in a room with less atmosphere than the moon, you tend to get a bit uncomfortable. I understand what they were trying to do – they were trying to recreate a Beatles concert. It most definitely did not work. I looked over at my Mum who was laughing in disbelief, and we made the decision to leave, 45 minutes into the show. I couldn’t even wait for the interval.

Understandably, I was in a foul mood after this disappointing afternoon. It was a Sunday afternoon in London, it was humid outside, it was crowded and we had nothing to do. We went for a walk and ended up near The London Eye, but the queue was ridiculous. By this time it was 4pm – what can you possibly do at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon? Then it hit me. Jersey Boys! Jersey Boys did a Sunday matinee at 5pm. I told my Mum we were going to the show and she had no choice in the matter, and we headed to the Prince Edward Theatre. It was absolutely packed and I was convinced we’d never get a ticket at such short notice. Luckily I was wrong! We bagged two seats in the stalls, one directly behind the other, for under £30. Not too shabby!

I’d seen the show before and I’d wanted to bring my Mum to see it, so I was a bit nervous. She doesn’t like musicals, she just gets dragged along to them, and she’s hard to impress, especially if the songs being performed are by a group or artist she loves. As soon as Ryan Molloy came onto the stage I saw her relax into her chair. Phew, I’d made the right choice. By the interval she was dancing in her seat and, thankfully, she loved the show. Edd Post was on top form as Bob Gaudio and Jon Boydon was brilliant as Tommy DeVito. My personal favourite was Mark Isherwood as Nick Massi – he was the understudy of Dave McGranahan who I loved the first time I saw the show, but he put a different spin on the role and I totally fell in love with his performance. The show made me cry, again, and at the end it received a well-deserved standing ovation. What a brilliant end to a crappy day!


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