Oliver Tompsett – 23/06/2013

One word: Ow. I was definitely paying for all of that running around I had done the previous day – I could hardly move! When me, Mum and my Sarah (Auntie Sarah had gone home that morning, which should make it less confusing) were up and dressed we headed to Starbucks near Trafalgar Square. I felt a bit more human after a bucket of hot chocolate with extra whipped cream and a lemon and poppy-seed muffin, so we went to find a place to settle in Trafalgar Square to wait for Oliver Tompsett’s solo performance. Unfortunately, this was around 1:30pm and Olly would be on at 4:30pm. It was also very cold and threatening to rain. It’s a good job I knew he was going to be good! After lots of wandering around and time wasting (including meeting Daniel Boys who I fell in love with when he was on tour with John Barrowman in 2009) we settled on the edge of a fountain in Trafalgar Square, where we had a good view of one of the big screens. I had been texting yet another Sarah (she shall be known as little Sarah) who was also somewhere in the crowd, and we finally found eachother about ten minutes before Olly came on stage. There’s only one thing I can say about little Sarah, she’s just one big ball of energy!

As soon as Olly came onstage with his backing singers (Rachael Wooding, his sister Amy Cassidy and Paul Ayres) we forgot the big screen plan completely and ran into the crowd so we could see him on the stage. He looked so nervous! As he began his first song, Resolution, the crowd began to sing along with him (there were Olly fans dotted all over the place, we sounded like surround sound.) When he heard us his shoulders relaxed and he began to smile. He dedicated his second song, Forever Strong, to his very pregnant wife Michelle who was there in the audience.. Again the crowd began to sing along and Olly really got into his stride, belting out the song with confidence and smiling away. The lyrics are so beautiful they actually had me welling up – Olly is a very talented songwriter. Even though he only did the two songs he was easily the best act of the day and got the biggest cheer by a mile. As soon as he had finished we all ran around to the stage door to congratulate him. When he came out he came out with his wife, his brother, his brother’s wife and his niece and nephew. That is one good looking family! After lots of hugs and posing for pictures he went to the edge of the crowd to talk to Nathan, who had organised his slot for him. I went over to speak to Michelle. She only had about three weeks of her pregnancy left and she looked absolutely beautiful, she really was glowing. My Mum and I were joking that, with Olly’s genes (he’s well over 6ft tall) there was no way she was going to have a small baby. She did have a huge baby bump, but I couldn’t work out if that’s because it was a big baby or because she’s so petite (she’s smaller than me.) It turned out me and my Mum were right – George Tompsett was born five days early on the 9th of July weighing a very healthy 9lb 2oz. Michelle is a bloody superwoman.

(Check out Olly’s music at www.olivertompsett.com and don’t forget to check for new songs on the first of every month!)


Daniel Boys!


Little Sarah 🙂




Rachael Wooding


Me, Michelle and George 😉


Baby T! Gorgeous George Tompsett 🙂


2 thoughts on “Oliver Tompsett – 23/06/2013

  1. Just caught up on all your latest three blogs – really well written and enjoyable to read as always! So glad you’re a Daniel Boys fan too – he’s a total sweetheart, and I’ve not seen him to chat to for over 18 months, I’m having serious withdrawals!

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