Why I WON’T be seeing Rock of Ages on tour

Less than a week after Rock of Ages shut its doors in the West End there is already a new issue amongst its most dedicated fans – who will be seeing the show on tour? Not me. This is just my opinion: I am not telling anybody what to do or saying what is right or wrong, I am simply saying that I will not be going, and here’s why.

If you read my previous blog “Last ever Rock of Ages” then you will know exactly what that show did for me – it was that cast, that show, that location and that specific time in my life. That cannot be replicated. It may be the same songs, the same dances and even the same stage set-up, but it will not have that same feeling.  Personally, I would rather keep the memories of all the amazing times I had during the two years that the show ran in the West End – one bad show on tour could ruin that completely. I don’t want to be sat through the whole thing thinking “that’s different. That’s not the same. Such-a-body didn’t do it like that.” I wouldn’t be able to just sit back in the confidence that I AM going to love the show no matter what. Yes, the cast change was difficult and so was the move to The Garrick, but the one constant was the fan base, and the remaining cast. I have never heard of a cast change where every single member of cast and crew has been replaced, which is what this tour would be like for me.

I can understand why some fans of the show would want to go to see the tour version – after all it is the same show and another chance to see it. But at the end of it you have to say goodbye all over again. That night at The Garrick saying goodbye to the show was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, and I don’t really want to go through that again. Like I said in my blog, I feel like that chapter of my life has been rounded off beautifully with a very heartfelt goodbye amongst friends. That’s the way I want to remember the show – a place to go and be with friends, where people from all over the world came together to celebrate that wonderful show and that unique cast. That can never be replicated and, personally, I can’t see the tour version being anything other than a very poor imitation of the real thing.


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