Caution: Fangirling ahead.

There is a note in my “About the Author” page that says I am prone to fangirling – you’ve been warned!

I know I hardly ever mention it, but I do have quite a bit of love and respect for Nathan Amzi. Not only is he ridiculously talented but he is also unerringly kind, generous and approachable. So when the man who inspired me to start writing again released a blog of his own, of course I was going to read it as fast as humanly possible.

Nathan’s blog, “My Voice on The Voice” reduced me to tears at least four times. I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between his start in life and my own – we were both born in Manchester and raised in a single-parent family with very little money. We both realised at a very young age what we wanted to do – Nathan wanted to dance, I wanted to write. And we have both been told to give up and go home. This is where the similarities end. Whereas I said “you’re right, I can’t do it,” Nathan said “Oh really? Watch this,” and went on to perform on the stage at Shakespeare’s Globe in the UK, New York and LA, on tour with The Rocky Horror Picture Show and, most recently, on the West End with Rock of Ages.

It’s Nathan’s determination and positivity that has given me the confidence to follow my own dream – I WILL be a professional writer one day. It’s not going to be easy, there are going to be plenty of people who will tell me to give up, but I won’t. Reading Nathan’s blog was like reading about my own life, only Nathan is a few chapters ahead. He found the confidence in himself to follow his dream no matter what, and somehow he has instilled that same confidence in me. When someone you respect as much as I respect Nathan turns around and says “you need to keep writing” – you keep writing. I am so lucky to have found someone like Nathan to look up to and I hope that one day I will inspire people to follow their dreams as much as Nathan has inspired me.



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