Dear Carrie Fletcher.

Ok I hardly ever (never) do this but – I was wrong. There it is, in black and white. I can, sometimes, be incredibly stubborn and judgmental and I have, on more than one occasion, made a snap judgement and been very loud about it, only to realise that actually, I got it totally wrong. This is one of those times and I feel so bad about it that I feel the need to apologise. So here goes.

Dear Carrie Fletcher,

For some reason that I can’t really remember, I decided that I didn’t like you and got up on my soapbox to have a good old rant about my new-found opinion. This was a few months ago now (after I’d seen you in Les Miserables and actually really liked your take on Eponine) – I had my little rant and that was that, I didn’t think about it again.

Until today that is. Whilst profile-hopping on twitter, I somehow came across a link to one of your Youtube videos. I temporarily forgot that I didn’t like you and settled down to watch it – it was so good that I actually paused Aladdin to give it my full attention. As I browsed your back-catalogue of videos I realised that, not only did I have no reason not to like you, I had about fifty reasons to love your videos, and found that we do actually share a lot of opinions about books, awesome words and socially unacceptable sneezing.

I want to apologise for making a snap judgement about you based on, as it turns out, absolutely nothing except probably a little bit of jealousy. You have worked exceptionally hard to get where you are today and instead of sitting here being bitter about other people’s success I need to work hard to get to a point where I feel proud of myself and my achievements, and not begrudge people their own success.

I sincerely hope you can accept my apology and I really am looking forward to your next video.

Alison x

(P.S this is in blog form because a) I live in Manchester so it would be really hard to do this in person and b) if I did manage to get to London, I would not be able to articulate myself properly and would get very flappy and just make a total nob out of myself without actually getting my point across.)


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