We Won’t Rock You

I genuinely have never been more disappointed in a production in my life.

We Will Rock You is closing its doors on the 31st of May after 12 years at the Dominion Theatre, and the decisions that have been made since then are absolutely disgusting. Not only have they priced ALL tickets – including the back row of the circle – at £73.50 with the exception of the so-called premier seats which have gone up to £93.50, but it has been rumoured that they are not putting the tickets for the last day on general sale – they might be by invitation only. If so, that is unforgivable, and it basically a big “F*** you” to all of the loyal fans who have kept the show going over the past 12 years – without them the show would have tanked in six months.

When it was announced that Rock of Ages was closing, the dedicated fans rushed to buy tickets – some even waited from 3am outside the theatre to purchase a day-seat. We (the fans of the show) shared every moment of the last two shows with each other, the cast and the crew, and to deny the dedicated fans of We Will Rock You this same privilege would be absolutely despicable.

I admit I am not the biggest fan of the show – the main draw for me is the leading man Oliver Tompsett – but what about all of the people who have stuck with the show over the years, and are being forced to pay an extortionate amount of money for, let’s face it, just another show. I didn’t pay that much money to attend the show when Brian May played Bohemian Rhapsody live on stage. There is nothing whatsoever that distinguishes the last week of shows from any other showing of We Will Rock You, except the ridiculous price tag. I recently booked three nights in a hotel in Central London for less than the price of two tickets to see the show in its final week. Not even the patented “last ever show” – just a show that happened to fall in the final week.

Here’s the clever part – they didn’t extend booking past the end of April. When Rock of Ages closed at the end of its booking period, some fans (myself included) had already booked tickets on the last bookable date “just in case.” Fans of We Will Rock You did not have this luxury. If you want to see the show in its final week, you have to pay £73.50.

If it were up to me I would make the last shows accessible and affordable to everyone, so that everybody could have the opportunity to say goodbye to the show, without needing to take out a loan to do so.

I last saw We Will Rock You in October 2013, and I will not be seeing it again. I refuse to contribute in any way to a production that is exploiting its fans in such an awful way. It’s a terrible way to end a show that has had 12 years of success – We Will Rock You will forever be remembered as the show that ripped off its fans.


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