Humble pie and custard.

Time for me to eat my words! I have said all along that I would not be going seeing Rock of Ages on tour and even wrote a blog post about it, and yet here I am with two tickets for tomorrow’s show (Tuesday 6th May.) Why? Nathan Amzi of course.

Today (Monday 5th May) the impossible happened. I have said many many MANY times how much Nathan Amzi means to me, so when he announced that he was in Manchester (my home town) ready to go on stage as Lonny in Rock of Ages for the night, I couldn’t believe it. I can’t repeat what my initial response was, but it was along the lines of “sod my pride, my ego, my blog post – I am going to that show.” One small problem – I was roughly 3000km away in an airport in Tenerife, waiting to board my return flight that would get me into Manchester Airport at 6.45pm. After 10 frantic minutes of drafting increasingly mad plans to somehow get to the theatre for a 7.30pm show, I realised that it was impossible. I won’t lie – I cried. 

It was, of course, no more than I deserved. I’d been rattling on for months about not going to see Rock of Ages on tour and when I finally changed my mind (due to a truly unique set of circumstances) I physically couldn’t go, despite the fact that it was in my own bloody town. The cherry on the cake was I’d tweeted THE NIGHT BEFORE saying how much I missed Nathan. It was too much.

There was, however, one glimmer of hope – Rachel McFarlane, who is playing Justice in the tour after originating the role on the West End, posted a tweet. “Curse of ROA strikes again! BUT, just heard there’s a guest appearance from someone ‘Very Special’ for the next 2 shows! More info to follow.” Principles be damned, if there was a chance to see Nathan as Lonny one more time I wasn’t going to let a little thing like pride get in my way – I was going. 

Tomorrow night I will once again be a fangirling mess as Nathan lunges around the stage, and I am fully prepared to endure endless stick for going to the show after everything I said – in all honesty I couldn’t give a fig. Nathan is worth it. 



2 thoughts on “Humble pie and custard.

  1. As I said to you earlier, I don’t think you need to eat humble pie! Everyone can change their mind, and especially in circumstances like this. x

    • I know and I could have deleted the post about not going and hoped nobody would notice but that’s not me! Just had to get it out and now I can post about the show without having to mention it 🙂 x

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