Jersey Boys – 24/05/2014

This is the last show in my “Restricted West End” project and talk about ending on a high! I’d booked this show specifically to see Sandy Moffat as Frankie Valli – after three years of watching him play a camp German in Rock of Ages I was excited to see his take on the no-nonsense Jersey boy.

The seats were in Row D of the stalls, seats 2 and 3 and it was a very good view apart from the staircase at the side of the stage – there were times when it totally blocked my view of the bridge behind it and I couldn’t see what was going on. I was supposed to attend the show with my Mum but she wasn’t well enough to travel so I went with my lovely friend Nikki instead. We were both excited to see Sandy on stage again – neither of us had seen him since the last Rock of Ages show six months ago.

As Sandy ran onto the stage as 16 year old Frankie Valli a massive grin spread across my face – it was good to see him! It took a while to adjust to him on stage with dark hair and a Jersey accent (which was absolutely flawless the whole way through) but by the time he started his first song it was as if he’d never played anybody else. Sandy plays the role differently to Ryan Molloy who I’d seen previously, but it was good to see him having fun with the role. He really hit his stride in the second act – the transformation in Frankie from a naive 16-year-old to an older, more jaded Frankie was played beautifully by Sandy who is a very talented actor.

Jon Boydon and Edd Post who play Tommy De Vito and Bob Gaudio respectively were on top form, especially Jon, but Matt Nalton who recently joined the cast as Nick Massi, was a little nervous and didn’t seem as sure of himself as the other two. Charlotte Jeffery who replaced Sophie Carmen-Jones as Francine, Frankie’s daughter, was absolutely fantastic and her scenes with Sandy were so emotionally charged they took my breath away.

I definitely enjoyed the show and I wasn’t the only one – by the end everyone in the stalls and a good portion of the dress circle were up out of their seats and singing and dancing along. I’d love to see the show again a few months down the line when the new cast are more settled in their roles, and I’ll definitely be booking to see Sandy Moffat as the lead again. I’m beginning to think that boy can do anything!



Photo credit: Nikki Gutridge.


Photo credit: Nikki Gutridge





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