My 2014 in pictures

I really enjoyed putting together my 2013 in pictures and so I thought I’d post my 2014 in pictures – as always please feel free to leave a comment with your own memories of 2014!

January – Center Parcs

I started my 2014 in a beautiful villa in Sherwood Forest with my lovely Mum. We went swimming, she kicked my arse at Scrabble and fell off her bike in spectacular fashion. I remember feeling very peaceful and content during this trip, and it was a lovely start to the year.


February – My beautiful Grandma.

In February it was time to say goodbye to my wonderful, kind, inappropriate, hilarious, completely unique Grandma Margarette. She fell asleep with her family around her and never woke up, and I am confident that she was comfortable and unafraid. I am so lucky to have known this glorious woman for 19 years of my life and, even though I miss her every single day, I know that she is with me wherever I go. She’s definitely kicking arse up there!


March – Finding my first flat.

March was a bit of a whirlwind for me, but the highlight was definitely finding my beautiful flat! After a (very long) drive to Kent we signed the paperwork and the moving process began.


April – Tenerife.

It’s always nice to relax in the sun for a week!


May – Angela Lansbury live on stage

May was a very stagey month for me, with my Restricted West End project and four Scott Alan concerts in four days, but the highlight has to be seeing my childhood idol Angela Lansbury live on stage in Blithe Spirit. It was an absolute privilege to see such acting royalty in action and it is an experience I will not forget for a very long time to come.


June – Moving day!

After months of stress and preparation it was finally time to make the move to Kent. It was scary and emotional and I did have my moments when I thought I’d made a mistake, but I love my little flat and I’m so glad I had the guts to go through with my ridiculous plan to start again in a new county!


July – Finding a new job.

Step one – find a flat. Step two – find a job! I absolutely hate job interviews but luckily I only had to attend one and was offered the job on the spot! Working in a kitchen is ridiculously stressful and sometimes I wonder what the hell I’m doing with my life, but I have met so many genuinely lovely, kind, caring and bloody hilarious people in the five months I’ve been working there that I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. A new uniform would be nice though.


August – University confirmation.

It was a bit of a relief to know that my big gamble was worth it!


September – University!

Move to a place I’ve never heard of before? Done. Find a job after two years of being unemployed? Done. Enroll on a university course despite not finishing my A Levels? Done! This was a huge day for me and a mark of how far I’ve come in the two years since leaving college. I felt very proud of myself that day!


October – Reconnecting with old friends.

I had three lovely days at home in October and was lucky enough to spend the majority of it with my high school/college friends. Some had drifted apart but we came back together in the end and it was great to see so many familiar faces all at once. And I had the biggest Sunday roast you’ve ever seen!


November – Old friends, new friends.

Back up to Manchester again, but this time I was taking my other half with me. The poor thing met my Dad, Nanna, Grandad, Step-Mum, five Great Aunts and two best friends all in the space of three days! Oh, and the family tortoise.


December – Christmas Day.

It’s no secret that I hate Christmas, but unfortunately my other half loves it and made it his mission to give me a proper family Christmas. We spent the day at his house with my Mum, his parents, his sisters, his Nan and the two dogs and do you know what? I loved every second.


Once again I have to apologise for my lack of posts recently, but as you can see 2014 has been pretty hectic! My New Year’s Resolution once again is to post at least once a month so watch this space and have a very happy New Year!!


2 thoughts on “My 2014 in pictures

  1. Even though i see what you’re doing on Facebook all year, i’m just too nosey to not read your blogs and this is my favourite of the year! Hopefully next year is just as ambitious and fulfilling as it sounds like you had a ball (well, maybe not at the time but certainly looking back!). And over 20,000 views?? WOW!

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