My 2015 in pictures

Following on from my 2013 in pictures and my 2014 in pictures, I thought I’d update my hideously neglected blog with my 2015 in pictures! Aside from a travel blog I wrote for work (that may make an appearance on a sister site I’m working on) I haven’t written a blog since February, so please forgive me if I’m a little rusty!

January – Not a great start!

I didn’t say all the photos were going to be positive! I started my 2015 with a VERY painful dislocated hip, pulled ligaments and soft tissue damage thanks to a walk around a lake, a rocky footpath and crappy joints. It wasn’t the best start to my year and took about four months of physiotherapy to heal, but it’s feeling strong now!

1. January.jpg

February – The Railway Children.

Still on crutches and almost permanently in a bad mood, I decided to stop sulking about my bad hip and get back to the theatre, crutches and all. Picking a theatre at the top of a cobbled hill wasn’t my best idea, but The Railway Children was absolutely magical (read my blog here) and really cheered me up, even if I was in floods of tears by the end of it!

2. February

March – The Den.

Whilst being sofa-bound with my hip I decided to be productive and plan my other half’s 20th birthday surprise. He is a massive fan of Millwall FC so I booked us two tickets for a stadium tour and managed to keep it a surprise until we got to the ground (God only knows how with my big mouth). He grinned like a five year old at Christmas the whole way round, and I actually found it quite interesting too. All in all, a very good day!

3. March.jpg

April – Michael Ball!

I’d been wanting to see Michael Ball on stage again ever since I saw him in Hairspray on the West End when I was 15. The tickets for his last concert sold out in minutes, but this time we managed to bag two, so myself and my Mum went to the Bridgewater Hall to see him – and he was incredible!

4. April.jpg

May – American Buffalo.

I LOVE John Goodman. Monsters Inc, King Ralph, The Emperor’s New Groove, the guy is a genius. He was absolutely incredible on stage (and Damien Lewis was a pleasant surprise too) and, surprise surprise, I fangirled my way through most of it. Once again I had no luck at the Wyndham’s stage door, but it was still a bloody brilliant night.

5. May.jpg

June – Lanzarote.

Finally, a holiday! My bad hip meant I had to leave my job in the kitchen (boo) so I was now working in a VERY posh Farm Shop in Keston (the cheese counter was bigger than my kitchen). It was so good to get away for a week and I even conquered my fear of open water by going into the sea – even if it was only up to my knees!

6. June

July – Start the Adventure.

After my lovely boss at the Farm Shop decided to cut my full time hours in half to give them to his son who was back from Uni for the summer, I decided to find a new job. I was at a bit of a crossroads and wanted more of a career than another cafe/kitchen job, and my Mum suggested I apply for an apprenticeship she had seen with STA Travel. A job where I can plan holidays for a living?! Sign me up!

I went for the job wholeheartedly and was convinced I wasn’t going to get it – I am very bad at interviews and I was so nervous I thought I was going to throw up, but I had to go for it, it was my dream job! I somehow made it through the interview and got a call back the very next day – I’d got the job! I cried. A lot.

7. July

August – work “training.”

Time to start my dream job! I had a day in-store to meet the team before heading up to Birmingham to start my training with 8 other apprentices. We spent 4 nights in a Premier Inn with free breakfast and evening meal, and 8 hours a day looking at maps and routes around the world and learning about all of the amazing countries that STA sends people to on a daily basis. This is work?!

8. August

September – I’m 21!

It’s my birthday! And I chose to spend it how any normal, grown up twenty one year old would – in Disneyland! We spent a whole week in Paris running around Disneyland, mostly in the pissing rain, going on all of the rides and buying way too many souvenirs. It was perfect.

9. September 2

9. September

October – New York, New York!

Oh. My. God. As if I’d not been spoiled enough in September, I was now off to Broadway! It has been my dream for years to see Aladdin on Broadway and I finally achieved that, along with a cheeky viewing of Misery by Stephen King with none other than BRUCE WILLIS in the starring role! All those years of finding the quickest route to the stage door finally paid off, as we were right at the front of the barriers when he came out. It was crazy!

10. October 3

10. October

November – Bonny Scotland.

I love my job. I was literally back from New York for less than 48 hours before I found myself on a plane back to Edinburgh for a three day trip around Scotland with 17 apprentices. It was the craziest, wettest and most hectic three days of my life, but it was incredible. We went to Fort William, Loch Ness, the Isle of Skye, Inverness and more. And the best part? Me and my crappy hip climbed down the side of a cliff to a waterfall!

11. November.jpg

December – A family Christmas.

I had the best Christmas this year. It started with a three-day stay at Center Parcs with my Mum, Auntie and Uncle. We cycled (my Uncle can do many, many things but ride a bike in a straight line is not one of them). We swam, we played Scrabble and Cards Against Humanity, we made mince pies, we ate SO MUCH food and, most importantly, we had a really brilliant time.

After Center Parcs my Mum and I had our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve, opened our presents nice and early on Christmas Day and went to visit my grandparents before I headed home for my shift on Boxing Day. It was a great way to round off the year.

12. December.jpg

I hope you’ve all had an amazing 2015 – mine was a slow burner to start off with, but the last six months have been an absolute whirlwind!

I’m hoping to get back into blogging in 2016, both on here and a new travel blog that I’m working on, so watch this space for my very first post about my trip to Scotland very soon!


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